13 Health Benefits From Elevated Dog Bowls

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We all love our dogs and making it easy for them to eat is especially important.  Spartacus is a really tall GSD and we started by feeding him on the ground, but he ended up lying down to eat.

That can’t be too healthy. So we got him one of the elevated bowls below and he’s much happier.

Here’s the thing:

If you have a tall dog or a dog that’s getting older an elevated dog bowl can be just the trick.

Even if you can’t afford to buy one, it’s pretty easy to get an elevated plant pot holder from your local Home Depot and put the dog’s bowl in that.

If you can afford one, number 1 on this list is pretty popular because it looks good and has storage underneath the bowls.  You can find a bunch more on the Spartadog store dedicated to elevated dog bowls and feeders.

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1. Elevated dog bowls teaches your dog to eat slower reducing the risk of dog bloat.

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2. Elevated dog bowls feed dogs more efficiently down the digestive tract.

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3. Elevated dog bowls reduces sloppy behavior in some dogs.

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4. The dog is more comfortable and doesn’t have to strain his neck and back when feeding from an elevated dog bowl.

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5. Dogs with arthritis and tenseness in their necks benefit from elevated dog bowls.

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6. Elevated dog bowls promote correct posture and proper digestion in tall dogs.

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7. Some elevated dog bowls level adjusts to the height that’s best for your dog’s feeding comfort.

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8. Elevated dog bowls help eliminate digestive problems along after meal vomiting.

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9. Elevated dog bowls promote hygiene and cleanliness.

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10. Elevated dog bowls help curb food aggression in rude pooches.

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11. Elevated dog bowls keep keep dogs from trying to swim in their water bowls.

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12. Elevated dog bowls doesn’t slide about during mealtimes. Your dog doesn’t need to chase his bowl anymore.

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13. And the most important thing is, your dog will love you for it!

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