Joey Reviews the Paw Plunger

Sick and tired of mud being tracked into your home or even the challenge of cleaning your pet’s muddy paws with towels. I was until I found the Paw Plunger. It made getting Spartacus’s paws clean as simple as can be. No more mud. No more mess.

If your familiar with golf ball cleaners you see on golf courses you can imagine the Paw Plunger. It’s a rounded exterior that looks like a huge beer mug. On the top there’s a place to insert your pet’s paw and voila your pet has a clean paw.

To make it work-you just add water and when you are finished simply empty out the dirty water. When filling I suggest utilizing a mild temperature water, cooler when it’s hot and warmer when it’s chilly. Just avoid extreme differences in temperature.

The Paw Plunger will come in three sizes shown below. the medium is the best selling size.


  • Small: Dogs up-to 15lb
  • Medium: Dogs from about 15lbs to 75lbs – most widely used size
  • Large: Dogs over 75lb and Dogs with Big Paws