32 Before-And-After Rescue Dog Photos

Bravo!!! To those who have been involved or exerted any effort in rescuing dogs in need, Spartacus salutes you!!! Every after photos in this before-and-after rescue dog collection will make you sad and happy at the same time.   1. Shrek via parkroadvet.com 2. Cedar via paaws-antigua.com 3. Vita via onepicturesaves.com 4. Iggy via flickr.com – Eldad Hagar 5. Boo …

27 Audiobooks For Dog Lovers

Love dogs? We’ve put together a list of the best audiobooks for dog lovers! The coolest titles all dedicated to our furry best friends. Sometimes I wish that Spartacus could talk and these talking books put things in a dog’s perspective, which is a close as I can get to hearing what Spartacus has to say. Let us know which …

44 Really Cool Homemade DIY Dog Toys Your Dog Will Love

Everyone suffers from boredom from time to time. It’s only natural for dogs to feel it too. Too often they can be left alone for long hours and get themselves into trouble when they’re bored. So I got together with Spartacus and put together a list of great DIY dog toys you can make to bust the boredom, for both …

The Totally Flat Dog Bowl – How to use the Drinklet

Check out this video of the best portable dog bowl we have ever seen. Our dogs are always on the go and they just love getting water after they’ve had some good play time.   Click here to order your Drinklets.   The Drinklet is now available at Spartadog.com. For a limited time, we are selling them for $1.47Β to cover …

Dogs Vs Leaf Blowers

This is what happens when you blow air into your dog’s face using a leaf blower. Please Click Like πŸ™‚ Please Click Like πŸ™‚

Tiny Dog Scares Away Burglar

SIZE DOESN’T MATTER! This little Yorkshire Terrier scare off a burglar and it’s caught on camera. Please Click Like πŸ™‚ Please Click Like πŸ™‚

Spaghetti Eating Contest

Spaghetti eating contest between a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd. Please Click Like πŸ™‚ Please Click Like πŸ™‚

Dog Vs. Mirror

Playful dog has love/hate relationship with the mirror. Such an adorable pooch! Please Click Like πŸ™‚ Please Click Like πŸ™‚

Cute Dog Bathing Videos

Here is a cute and funny compilation of dog bathing videos. Enjoy watching! Please Click Like πŸ™‚ Please Click Like πŸ™‚

Dog Fetches Beer From Fridge

This is the best dog everrr! He can open the fridge and get a beer for his master. Please Click Like πŸ™‚ Please Click Like πŸ™‚