Spartacus Unleashed – Testing Tough Dog Toys for Large Dogs Episode 1

In this episode of Spartacus Unleashed we put another tough dog toy for large dogs to the test. Spartacus test the Hyper Gnaws Big Bone Toy. It doesn’t take long. Another one bites the dust.

Another one bites the dust.

0:06 Introduction.  I open up the package and we get our first look at the toy to be tested.  The Toy is a Hyper Gnaws Big Bone. It says its good for all dog types.  We see that the product is a mix of black furry cloth and green nylon material.  It looks pretty good.
1:03 Spartacus Gets Started – I hand of the toy to Spartacus and he disappears outside to give it the work out.
1:42 The results.  I expected this to be a week long test, but Spartacus destroyed the toy within 5 minutes.  Product Test Result – Fail.